Settling into your new community

Arriving into a culture which is unfamiliar to you can be a daunting experience. Here in Dublin City there are a number or organisations and support services available to help you with your transition and also to assist in settling into your new community.

Below is a list of organisations that can help and also offer free translation services.

Intercultural Development Programme

Dublin City Council’s Intercultural Development Coordinator supports migrants in the NEIC by connecting them to local services and supports and developing programmes that allow migrants to actively participate in the community. Contact Joy Eniola at


Intercultural Ambassadors Programme

The Intercultural Ambassador Programme is a diverse network which aims to encourage active involvement of local people in promoting intercultural dialogue and addressing the barriers to integration in the North East Inner City.

This programme is about bringing together everyday members of the community from diverse walks of life to learn from each other and become active participants in addressing the issues that concern them. If you would like to find out more, or get involved, please visit or follow us on Instagram @interculturalambassadors

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Cairde is a one stop shop in providing relevant, accurate and culturally appropriate health information and advocacy to individuals and groups from ethnic minority communities to enable access to health services. Cairde can communicate in several languages including Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Roma and Russian). All services are free and confidential.

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Dublin based NGO providing information and advocacy support to Irish emigrants and people who have moved to Ireland.  Provides and Information & Advocacy Service, a Migrant Project, Refugee Service, Housing & Welfare Information service

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In Dublin City there are a number or organisations and support services available to help you with your transition

The Immigrant Council of Ireland

The Immigrant Council of Ireland is a national, independent non-governmental organisation that promotes the rights of migrants. They provide information on migrant rights, Citizenship and Permanency, Family Reunification, Working in Ireland, Domestic Abuse, International Students, Anti-trafficking, and Anti-racism.

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Migrants Right Centre Ireland (MRCI)

Operates a drop-in centre, helping people in Ireland live and work in safety and stability. Brings people together to fight for their rights as undocumented migrants, to make sure workers are valued, to help young people in Ireland live full and free lives. We’re building Ireland’s first care co-op run by migrant care workers, with decades of experience and endless determination.

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AkiDwA (Swahili for sisterhood) is a national network of migrant women living in Ireland. AkiDwA’s vision is a just society where there is equal opportunity and equal access to resources in all aspects of society – social, cultural, economic, civic, and political. Promoting equality and justice for all migrant women living in Ireland. AkiDwA connects migrant women to new opportunities, and supports our members wherever we can, by providing letters of reference and access to training. AkiDwA also has programmes in the areas of Sexual and Gender Based Violence and Health.

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Doras is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation working to promote and protect the rights of people from a migrant background in Ireland. Promoting and upholding the human rights and well-being of migrants through personal advocacy, integration development and collaborative advocacy campaigns at the local and national level.

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Hill Street Family Resource Centre

Hill Street Family Resource Centre is an Intercultural Centre for families and children based in Dublin’s Northeast Inner City. Providing children and their families with person-centred services that are easily accessible and inclusive of all. These services promote full social participation and aim to enable families maximise their health, well-being, and life chances.

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Irish Refugee Council:

Provides services and support for people seeking protection and people recognised as refugees in Ireland and advocate for humane and dignified protection procedures and responses to people fleeing persecution

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Irish Council for International Students

Irish Council for International Students Collaborates with members, student organisations and government agencies to ensure that international education policy and practice in Ireland is quality-driven and remains firmly focused on the educational and social needs of all students.

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INAR (the Irish Network Against Racism)

INAR (the Irish Network Against Racism) is a national network of anti-racism civil society organisations which aims to work collectively to highlight and address the issue of racism in Ireland. INAR have a number of supports regarding reporting and responding to racist incidents in Ireland.

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LASC (Latin America Solidarity Centre)

LASC (Latin America Solidarity Centre) is a membership-based organisation consisting of individuals who share a passion for real social change in Latin America and Ireland and believe that peace with justice and equality for all can come only through genuine participation of everyone in society’s decision making.

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Muslim Sisters OF Eire (MSOE)

Muslim Sisters OF Eire (MSOE) is an independent organisation of Muslim women living in Ireland. A voluntary organisation with the purpose of providing support to women (Muslim women in particular), encourage integration and work together to benefit the wider society.

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Nasc (Migrant and Refugee Rights)

Nasc (Migrant and Refugee Rights) empowers migrants to realise and fulfil their rights. Nasc works with migrants and refugees to advocate and lead for change within Ireland’s immigration and protection systems, to ensure fairness, access to justice and the protection of human rights. 

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Migrant Women – Opportunities for Work (Mi-WOW)

Migrant Women – Opportunities for Work (Mi-WOW) Coordinated and run by Migrant Women for Migrant Women, Mi-WOW has been designed to empower Migrant Women to reach their potential, while rebuilding their confidence and upgrading their skills in order to facilitate their access to the Irish Labour Market through 6-week training sessions

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Recruit Refugees Ireland

Recruit Refugees Ireland is the first specialist recruitment consultancy & agency for Refugees, Asylum Seekers & Migrants in Ireland. From language lessons to transferring your qualifications, interview skills to career advice, upskilling to further education, Recruit Refugees Ireland can help navigate the Irish jobs market and see you achieve your career goals.

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Roots in Africa-Ireland Network (RIAINetwork)

Roots in Africa-Ireland Network (RIAINetwork) creates a space where Black people and everyone rooted in Africa and Ireland can come together and be part of a community that transcends beyond borders, language, and culture. A community founded on the pillars of knowledge, empowerment, and representation, with aim to support and unite communities whilst celebrating the duality of being African/Black and Irish. Provides Mental Health and Holistic Supports, mentorship, buddy program, cultural activities, events, and workshops.

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Spirasi (Spiritan Asylum Services Initiative)

Spirasi (Spiritan Asylum Services Initiative) is the national centre for the rehabilitation of victims of torture in Ireland. The rehabilitative services offered by Spirasi are unique in Ireland and consist of a range of different therapies and supports. 

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Sports Against Racism Ireland (SARI)

Sports Against Racism Ireland (SARI) uses the power of sport to challenge discrimination, promote cultural integration and drive social inclusion throughout Ireland. Working with schools, Direct Provision Centres, refugee, and local communities SARI delivers anti-discrimination educational workshops, intercultural sporting events and a Young Leaders youth development and employability programme collectively creating opportunities for all.

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Dublin City Centre Citizens Information Centre

Provides information on a wide range of issues. 

Specialist Services:

  • Polish Interpreter: every Wednesday 10am – 1pm. (By appointment only.)
  • Free Legal Advice Centre (General, Employment and Immigration Law): every Wednesday 6.45pm – 8pm (By appointment only.)
  • Taxation Information (By appointment only.)
  • Family Law Information Clinic: (By appointment only.)

Address: Montgomery House, James Joyce St. Dublin 1

Open: Monday – Friday 9.30AM – 5PM

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New Communities Partnership

New Communities Partnership are Ireland’s largest independent migrant-led national network of more than 150 immigrant-led groups comprising 65 nationalities. An organisation led by community members for community members. New Communities partnership offers the following:

  • Citizenship Application Support Service (CASS): A multi-lingual, drop-in service, for migrants negotiating the Irish naturalisation process. The Service is manned by trained staff, speaking different languages, 5 days a week.
  • Migrant Family Support Service (MFSS): A nationwide multi-lingual service supporting migrant families who are experiencing child protection interventions. The service provides a telephone helpline, drop-in clinic, outreach, information, and advocacy. We also provide child protection training for religious and migrant community groups.
  • Migrant Access Programme (MAP):  A nationwide free service supporting migrants to access employment in Ireland. A programme that offers training and public information sessions on job seeking skills, basic English and computer skills, CV and cover letter creation, and employment rights and entitlements.
  • NCP Youth:  NCP Youth Ireland is a youth project within NCP that aims to identify the challenges and issues migrant youth face in Ireland. Our mission is to work towards an intercultural and inclusive Irish society where migrant students are achieving their full potential in schools and have the same opportunities as their Irish peers.

Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme: A regional community programme that works promoting social inclusion and equality through a wide range of services for both individuals and groups. The service provides helpline, drop-in clinics, learning support, referrals, community support and group formation. SICAP is confidential and free of charge.